In the Distance

Hold on tight
We’re going for a ride
We will explore the world together
We will see it all
The highest mountain we will climb
The highest prize we’ll win
Through water earth through wind and fire
We will disappear
In the distance

Grasping for eternal life
While throwing away my own
Satisfaction is out of reach
He stands laughing by the rainbow
In the distance

If it doesn’t make you happy
Change the channel to a better
If it doesn’t make you feel
Then go away
Know it’s not what others would call truth
But still it helped me and I thought
If I believed, it wouldn’t go away
I was distant

Time 5m03s
Tempo 78 bpm
Words Mårten Kellerman
Music Mårten Kellerman
Production Produced, recorded and mixed by Jennifer and Statemachine at Jennifer’s, Stockholm 1995. Additional recording made at Soundfront Studios, Uppsala.
Publishing © 1996 Dennis Berggren Musik/Svenska Energy Rekords Publ AB. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.