Battered and Bruised [kind of blind]

Guess I had to be kind of blind not to see
how it was bound to be in vain
Hung around for the plot to thicken
while being stabbed again and again
This time I’ll burn all bridges leading back
cause I’m not sure I’m strong enough
I simply have to bail, I’m fare to frail
to be at the receiving end
I feel torn apart and abused
battered and bruised
Time 6m05s
Tempo ??? bpm
Words Mårten Kellerman
Music Mårten Kellerman
Production Remixed by Fred Caelou and Statemachine at Jennifer’s, Stockholm. Additional keyboards and guitars by Fred Caelou.
Publishing © 2002 Warner/Chappell & Subspace Communications. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.