All-new cobwebs

Welcome to the all-new Statemachine website, consisting solely of ancient Statemachine content so far, but hey … it’s a start.

We’ll definitely be looking to add more content over time, but in order to be able to do that in a somewhat convenient manner we first needed to port the withering old website to something with a bit more modern innards. And we didn’t want to wait to unveil the new site until we’d managed to compile enough previously unpublished stuff, and decided to just publish it pretty much the way it was content-wise, and take it step by step from there.

We have some sense of what we want to achieve content-wise, but it may take some time to collect and prepare the necessary materials, and ultimately we haven’t even decided what kind of website we’re even aiming for, so we thought we’d just start with getting the ball running and see where it takes us.

Among the top requests so far are: making the promo videos officially available online (something we’re looking into already) and the number one request is making all records available online (on Spotify and iTunes and whatnot). The latter will likely have little to do with the actual site, but we will look into sorting that part out too. The internet rights remain with the band, but to be able to publish the previous material online there’s also the matter of sorting out all rights for the master recordings with the record labels – but since this is by far the most popular request we will do our best to make it happen.

But meanwhile we’ll also be looking into improving, and adding to, the website. Feel free to contact us with suggestions . We can’t make any promises to fulfill your wishes, but we promise to consider any and all ideas, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.