Friday the 13th is Kellerman Night!

On October 13th, 2006, you’ll be able to experience no less than four Kellerman bands in one night at club Heimat at Landet, Stockholm. Araki (Rasmus Kellerman from Tiger Lou and Las Puertas), Firefox AK (Andrea Kellerman of Las Puertas), Dexter’s Moon (Jenny Kellerman & Co), and Statemachine (Mårten Kellerman & The Substitutes).

Since Rickard and Leo are playing with Lowe at SAMA, Gothenburg the same night, founding member Rikard Lindell and Micke Askernäs (of Loveless) stands in on this gig. Be in good time. The venue fills up fast!

L M Ericssons Väg 27, (T) Telefonplan, 17.00–03.00 (Statemachine plays for half an hour, probably somewhere in the region of 23.00-24.00), Entrance 20 SEK