Statemachine Holiday Nostalgia Christmas Gift

Are you feeling that holiday nostalgia for the days or yore? Longing for the good old days when Statemachine were around and releasing new tracks for you to eagerly digest? Are you maybe even yearning for simpler retro times like back when Avalanche Breakdown would tenderly embrace you with its classic European synth pop melancholy? Or are the Holiday nostalgia so intense that you perhaps feel the urge to go all the way back to early 1980’s Vince Clarke-helmed synth pop? If so … we have prepared a nice little holiday surprise gift for you that might just cover all your urges, with bittersweet synth pop melancholy to boot (not to mention a certain “happy/sad” holiday vibe).

From waaay back in the Statemachine archives … here’s an old abandoned cover of Yazoo “Happy People” that we’ve just dusted off for you – a track that hasn’t seen the light in 24 years. Enjoy!

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