Thermal Noise [wurst und käse]

In the dark I can feel your presence
Just a hint of your face in the data flow
Hear your voice as I run the sequence
Through the amp one thousand watts it goes
Thermal noise, my love
Thermal noise

On my screen there’s a diagram of you
And the disk where I saved it holds your name
There are those who believe our love’s not true
But I still adore you all the same
Thermal noise, my love
Thermal noise

Die stimme auf kunst und Energie
Is speaking out loud for you and me

Thermal noise, my love
Thermal noise

Time 2m59s
Tempo 133 bpm
Words Mårten Kellerman
Music Mårten Kellerman
Production Produced, recorded and mixed by Jennifer and Statemachine at Jennifer’s, Stockholm 1997. Remixed by Leo Josefsson.
Publishing © 1999 Warner/Chappell & Subspace Communications. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.