When to Fold

It’s so hard to find
Words I need to say
I find it hard to believe
They will come to me one day
Spending so much time
Writing so many words
Still they don’t get better
And neither does my state
No neither does my state

I’ve been waiting for so long
I’ve paid my debts to you
Spending so much time
Devoting it all to you

Think I know myself
Think I know my ghouls
Think I’m true to myself
Just never learned when to fold

Time 5m34s
Tempo xxx bpm
Words Mårten Kellerman
Music Mårten Kellerman
Production Produced, recorded and mixed by Statemachine and Fred Caelou at Jennifer’s and FBI Studios, Stockholm. Additional keyboards, guitars and programming by Fred Caelou.
Publishing © 2003 Warner/Chappell & Subspace Communications. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.